K. Welter Ancestors – 16 Generations (Welter, Scherrer, Rheingerin, Riemensberger, Bischoff, Ecker,…)

It has been super fun researching my family ancestry and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about history in a personal way. There are many great tools out there. I used ancestry.com primarily to find connections and then the myheritage desktop app to search the database, run reports, and generate charts. Below is an ancestry chart generated by myheritage desktop app. Before generating this chart, I exported the gedcom file from ancestry.com and imported into the myheritage app.

It was fun to see how far back I could find ancestors. In some cases I got back 16 generations with the Shearer/Scherrer family (mom’s side), but only 7 generations with the Welter family (father’s side). Here is a Close Family Chart from the myheritage desktop app which is good for sharing with relatives. It is very similar to the above picture, but the tree is “pruned” slightly.